BOATVALUE is dedicated to being a trusted, true, and transparent partner for boaters and industry professionals to rely on. We always choose the boater first; we are committed to providing a simple and quick valuation experience. We are focused on providing intuitive resources for boaters to assist in buying, selling, and owning a boat. All BOATVALUE partners honor a commitment to an ethical and professional standard and are delicately considered by our team before we provide our seal of approval.

BOATVALUE is wholly owned and operated by Coast Ventures LLC. Coast Ventures LLC’s projects are primarily internet-based, transportation related solutions, for both consumers and businesses. Our projects contribute to a common goal – to streamline and simplify the sale, lease, renting, or sharing activities of personal vehicles throughout multiple transportation verticals and leisure industries.

Our team has been formed with an intentional focus of marrying a cross-section of expertise from diverse industries, including Finance, Marine, Automotive and Technology. Our plan is to combine our experience with the goal of providing a fresh perspective on solving the ever-changing complexities of today’s phenomenal transportation evolution.

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