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About BOATVALUE® Values

BOATVALUE® is dedicated to being a trusted, true, and transparent partner for boaters and industry professionals to rely on. We always choose the boater first, we are committed to providing a simple and quick valuation experience. We are focused on providing intuitive resources for boaters to assist in buying, selling and owning a boat. BOATVALUE® uses J.D.Power data to ensure the values we provide are accurate.

Are BOATVALUE® Values Accurate?

BOATVALUE® uses, J.D. Power and in house-data to determine the best value for your boat. J.D. Power recently acquired NADA, (National Automobile Dealers Association) Guides. NADA Guides was established in 1917 and has been collecting boat data almost as long. BOATVALUE® is the industries only consumer facing INSTANT boat valuator. Our values reflect both wholesale and retail transactions to provide you with a 360 degree view of the market. Our data is updated daily to reflect the market giving BOATVALUE® the ability to provide dealers and consumers the most up-to-date pricing.

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BOATVALUE® is America’s #1 Boat Valuator. We are the marine industry’s only consumer facing boat evaluation website.


BOATVALUE® is committed to establishing accurate values utilizing data provided by J.D. Power.

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