2020 Offshore Yachts 76 ft 76/80 Motoryacht

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2020 Offshore Yachts 76 ft 76/80 Motoryacht

Offshore yachts are designed and built with an attention to detail that is remarkable. The more you know about boats the more you'll appreciate Offshore's demanding standards of quality. It's not until you've made a difficult passage in rough seas that you will truly appreciate Offshore's maxim "The softest ride on the water." This isn't just an advertising slogan; it is the result of superior design translating directly into increased comfort, safety, and value. Details like recessed hull portlights, molded side-deck overheads, and fully finished, deck-hatch undersides tell the knowledgeable buyer a lot about the level of craftsmanship that has gone into every Offshore. These are yachts that invite comparison with other well-known brands, some of which cost hundreds of thousands more but still don't measure up to Offshore's standards. Take a close look at an Offshore and the features that place it at the top of its class.

Offshore Hull Design:  Deep-V forward section allows a smooth, knife-like water entry, cutting cleanly through seas, achieving extraordinary directional stability, and virtually eliminating slapping and pounding.  Thus – “The softest ride on the water”.

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